Tablet Press Tooling are Referred by Below Listed Key Components and Various Kind Of Surface Treatment / Plating.

These Two Tools Are Helping Us to Produce the Specific Shape and Size of The Tablet, Tooling are the Key Components of Press Machine to Produce Good Quality Tablets.

Product Range (MOC)

Precautions Taken Care While Production

  • Laser Marking Identification, 100 %Tools Inspection
  • Inspection Report with Identification Number
  • Material Test (MOC Certificate)
  • Super Polished Finish with Coating
  • Plastic Punch Case Holder
  • Standard PVC Box of Blue Colour
Tooling Size as Per EURO, IPT Standards and Special Tooling.Trouble Free Fitting and Removal Manufactured to The Smallest Tolerances with High Precision Finish

Surface Treatment

  • Hard Chrome Plating
  • Chromium Nitrate Plating
  • Multi-Layer Chromium Nitrate Plating
  • Nedox Coating
  • HVOF Coating

Quality Assurance

We Ensure to Have Rigorous Quality Testing from Raw Material to Dispatch. We Ensure That Each and Every Tooling Are Identical and Passed Through All the Advanced Quality Parameters and Testing.

We Do Provide the MOC Certificate and Inspection Report Along with Tools.